welcome to schlagetown!

sketch of schlagetown, each letter illustrated in isometric style

my existing websites

platform for collaborative internet learning

my first site! / legacy wordpress blog

collection of pattern languages (WIP!)

my antilibrary…on the back burner

predecessor to this site; deprecated!

shirts? symbols? series of short-lived experiments

old project on self-directed learning

websites I want to make

big archive of my favorite cool concepts

Oulipian-inspired collection of resources and writing on rhymes and creative constraints

cataloging different internet business models designed to balance openness and commerce

an internet library that collects cool libraries!

things I'm enjoying these days

let me know if you'd like to join sometime :) 🏀

…and running a reading studio on alternative learning and parenting!

he's so cool, seriously

projects I'd like to do one day

games exploring art, language, and other creative activities

let me know if you'd like to try co-hosting something!

speculative products-as-weird-art

personal libraries? hyperlocal interventions?

in particular, for poetry and photography

like…books, walks, balls, and so on and so forth

idk, just feels like this would be a cool unique social environment, right?

things I think it'd be cool to write

further iterations translating A une Damoyselle malade

a partially-completed project, worth a revisit

essays, guides, provocations on libraries & antilibraries

fun imaginative storytelling!

events I think it'd be fun to host

a long winter weekend in a cozy cabin, anyone?

all around Brooklyn / NYC

e.g. a single day on a single influential thinker

places to find me

various learning clubs & creative projects

still posting…

nicer, but sparser place for posting

cozy social space for lists and logs!

occasional newsletter-writing

sporadically maintained collections

long-time bookmarking

I've backed…wow over 200 projects now!

WIP experimental storefront